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mom and kid hanging out by the lake and smiling, family portrait by Shots of Joy Photography

Hi, I am Joy Jiang!

    With a lifestyle approach, I specialize in creating images with storytellings that capture genuine moments of love and connection.  In my family sessions, I don't pose clients but instead give out gentle guide to let them be themselves.  My sessions are laid-back and adventurous.

    I am mom to a very active 3 year old boy Miles, who loves swimming and anything about cars,  and a 12-year-old Rat Terrier, Spotty, who in spite of his age, is still up for tug of war any time of the day.  Before moving to Dallas, I spent 11 years in NYC, and 2 more in Upstate NY, so it feels like a breeze to handle what Texas calls winter.  I recently left my corporate job to follow my passion for photography full time.  It's not easy to give up the comfort of stable income,  but what motivates me to get up in the morning is the meaning I feel when I capture and deliver authentic loving moments of laughter and family togetherness.

    When I am not working on photography, you can find me...

  • On the ski slope,  although still a novice.  While I used to be an east coast skier,  moving to Texas really opened up opportunities for me to explore the Rockies, which is so much bigger and better!

  • Planning a trip or traveling. Having been to 16 countries, I'm always ready for more.  Next on my bucket list: Peru and Morocco!

  • Exploring art museums and galleries.  It's the rich art scene that kept me in NYC for so long.  I look forward to visiting more arts in DFW.

  • Practicing yoga and meditation.  It's been 13 years since I started yoga. As I've grown older and balance more responsibilities on my shoulder, it continues to bring me peace and tranquility whenever I set foot on the mat.  Meditation further deepens my practice of mindfulness.  I also enjoy books on eastern religions and their influence on mindfulness and spirituality.

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